Friday, December 31, 2010

Popcorn? What popcorn

I got totally busted today.
Well, you see I was innocently walking through the kitchen when I spied a small yellow bowl on the kitchen bench.
Most people who know me would know how curious I am, so I couldn't help but wonder what was in that little yellow bowl.
So i quickly devised my own little plan.
me- *straining* can't reach!
me- Aha… D'oh
but after a couple of minutes of building and climbing…
I make it!
Turns out that there was popcorn in the bowl. I've never tasted popcorn before so I decided to taste a little bit before Mum saw me…
OK maybe it was a big bit.

Mum- (scratching head) That's funny I thought I put my popcorn there?
(walks outside) Ruby have you seen my... popcorn?

Me- Popcorn? what popcorn?

Totally Busted!

 Now I'm grounded for a week (sob)
At least I can still blog....

love RU

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Awesome clothes mummy made for me

 Mum and I were really busy today.
We made some awesome outfits.
I'll show some pictures-

Aren't they AWESOME!!
They were all made out of material scraps and ribbon.
Anyone could do it!!!

gotta go

love RU

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Great uncle Gregs house

On Christmas we went to Great uncle Greg's house.
It was really fun!
 Fern got itchy bites all over her and had to spend heaps of time in bed.
But she was allowed to get out of bed sometimes to see the frogs.

I had a lovely time.
I got to play in the rain, go to uncle Greg's dental surgery and play with a vintage fan.
Playing in the rain at great Uncle Greg's house.
 Having a go in the dentist chair at the Dental surgery
ME in front of the awesome vintage fan that mum found in the shed

 Me holding the crocheted blanket mum made for me.

  Mummy did a cool pick of me on the I phone

Fern and I had lots of fun!

love Ru

The start of my adventures

I arrived with my sister Fern at my new home on Saturday 25th of December (Christmas). 
We came all the way from Hongkong.
I've spent alot of time at home but we went to a vintage fair.
There was lots of old stuff to look at and buy.
Mummy bought 4 cute badges.

  Grammy (mommy's mum) bought some really cute hankies  and is making Fern and I  a quilt each.
I asked mummy where are we going to put the quilt and she said we were going to build a dolls house and make proper beds for us.
This made me really excited.
When i told Fern she got really excited too.

Oooohhhh, i forgot to tell you my name! ah hem my name is Ruby.
Yay now I've told you my name what else should i tell you?
Oh I know i should tell you what i look like- i have pale skin, pink lips, pink blush, with yellow eyeshadow.
I have long black … wait i might as well just show you a picture-

 yep there's me! ooohhhh i should probably show you a picture of Fern-
 There's Ferny.
You would never guess that we were both twins.
  I mean I love animals and meat and she's a vegetarian and is scared of fish and mice.
Fern  especially hates dogs and she can't stand Jimmy.
You guys don't know who jimmy is.
I'll show you a picture-
But as i said, Fern hates him.
In fact she dislikes every animal apart from frogs.
  Fern loves frogs and really wants one as a pet but mummy says one pet is enough for now.
  Our birthday is coming up on the 3rd of January so maybe she'll get a pet then. 

love Ruby